October 22, 2006

Ten Years Behind

Went to class at Second City today. Had a ton of fun doing group writing - I love my classmates so much. Even the dumb and smelly ones. (Ha. That's a joke.) After so much time together, we are now all really comfortable with each other, and the in-jokes and familiarity make a lot of cool, energizing free-flowing stuff possible. Group writing is such a high, and way more fun (and productive) than sitting in front of my laptop staring at a blinking cursor. I'm starting to understand that writing is not a solitary activity.

One idea I had as we brainstormed ten raw sketch ideas, while working in pairs, was "very good," according to my teacher. So good, in fact, that Steve Carell wrote it about ten years ago. Basic premise - a wife is prodding her husband to take care of some boring household chores, and each time he responds: "I can't (menial domestic task), because (global political issue)." You know, "Honey, I can't take out the trash, children are starving in Uganda." Goddamn Carell. Last class the same thing happened, but it was Stephen Colbert who beat me to the punch, also by about ten years. Big, rich, successful jerks! Someday I'll catch up to them.

Anyway, I'm on leave for a little while, hopefully back online around November 1, maybe sooner. Check back with me then. Take care, faithful readers.

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