February 9, 2007

I Hang With Lois Lane

...or Chloe Sullivan, depending on your point of reference.

The point is, K-Rock (acting on a tip from our Big Poppa Nate in NYC) broke a story here in Chicago today, on behalf of our humble Bastion, that got picked up by our buds at Chicagoist and Gapers Block.

The other two sites seemed a bit hesitant to use a comedy webpub as a source, with Gapers Block saying "yesterday the Apiary's Chicago sister site the Bastion posted a purported statement from DDB denying any connection." It was a real statement that Kristy managed to get from the ad people, who weren't even talking to the New York Post. You heard me.

But I don't blame them for being reluctant to use us as a "real" news source. After all, I have written headlines for the Bastion like "Aide to Ald. Dick Mell Sees Dicks Everywhere."

High fives to Chicago's own Edward R. Murrow. In a cute skirt and boots. With a higher-pitched giggle.


Kristy Mangel said...

Oh STOP. And by stop, I mean, go on.... ;-)

keithhuang said...

unnnnh onion town!!! can ya smell what the K-ROCK is cookin??!!!