July 13, 2007

Friday Friend Frappe

Time to plug some writing friends!

First, my new friend Donna Kozik, a much-published author and copywriter who edits some of the publications I write for, and who has trained me as a proofreader, is going to be featured on NPR's Marketplace today, talking about the value of virtual assistants. Fellow NPR nerds know that Marketplace is an American Public Radio production, and you can find out when your local station airs that show by clicking here.

Ever since I embarked on my terrifying but thrilling writerly journey here in the big city, I've been getting an invaluable amount of support and advice from a friend back in Indiana, self-described "writer, copyeditor, kid wrangler" Manda Newlin.

Manda has helped me navigate the wilds of freelance journalism and corporate communications, and, in turn, I've been advising her as she's taken her first few steps into the frontiers of blogging. Clearly, I'm getting the better end of the deal. Anyway, check out her writing-oriented blog, Words Count, where she showcases her wonderful sense of humor.

Then there's my new blog-quaintance, Canadian writer Carmi Levy, who pens Written Inc., a marvelously well-written and fascinating blog about his travels and observations as a journalist. (I found him through my friend Dale.) He seems to jet to all four corners of the globe every week, snapping great pictures and sharing sharp and poignant observations along the way. You would be forgiven for being a bit envious that his life includes an amazing job, lots of travel, and a beautiful family as well.

In Carmi's own words, "I am a journalist who observes the world from the perimeter before picking up my pen and describing what I see. No more, no less. I believe strongly in random acts of kindness, and know we can all do a better job making our planet a happier place to live. Call me an idealist, but I believe words can help make that happen."


Carmi said...

You are very, very kind, and I am so touched by your gesture. It's been a very difficult week in our family, and this absolutely brought a smile to my face at a time when I really needed one.

Thank you so much!

Bella Rossa said...

Carmi, you are more than welcome. I meant every word.