July 1, 2007

Totally Unnecessary Cat Video, 2 of 2

Another cat video thinly disguised as an editing exercise. Don't say you weren't warned. This time I used different titling, shot with the iSight camera, and used what iMovie refers to as the "Ken Burns Effect" (no, seriously) on still photos. I also used the letterbox feature to obscure the boob spillage that happened every time I leaned over to kiss Flora.

How do I justify this silliness? Well, first, Flora is almost ten years old, is not going to live forever, and no video footage exists of her, so when she jumped on my lap this morning, I flipped on the camera. I always need more editing practice. And if I'm going to shoot and edit something, why not archive it online? Finally, let's be honest. This is a blog. You want substance and erudite editorial comment? Read the New York Times.


Coaster Punchman said...

Flora is a sweetie. You know now I am totally going to post videos of my cats. Thanks.

Zed said...

Don't you realize there's no such thing as a "totally unnecessary cat video"? :)

Bella Rossa said...

CP - Thanks for the compliment. Now that I've done one vid for each of my cats, I think I'm going to start seeking out more new video subjects, but I think you should strongly consider beginning your foray into videoblogging with some cat warmups.

Zed - Ha! If only all my readers felt that way.