August 28, 2007

Compression Rate High: 3 Years of Chicago Underground Comedy Awesomeness in 64 Seconds

A prototype of a promotional ChUC video. Do you have 64 seconds? Click here and get a glimpse of what's so damn cool about Chicago Underground Comedy. Photos by the greatest fangirls in the world. Editing and weird music by me.


Chancelucky said...

it's fun visually, but my only qualm is that if I"m looking and thinking "Do I wanna go to this place?", I want to hear an actual joke or two in the video.
Seems like it might be an easy thing to do....though I guess that means it's someone's material/performance and then everyone else gets to be jealous.

Bella Rossa said...

Thanks for looking, Chance. I actually don't have access to videoclips at the moment. ChUC has a deal with Rooftop Comedy that locks up content, so photos are all I have to work with right now. But that may change, which would be great, because, yeah, seeing clips of strong jokes interspersed with the music and photos would be totally cool.