October 28, 2007

Cute Vs. Squishy

I don't know why, but I'm in an animal appreciating mood. Let's pair up the two cutest things I've found online recently with the two most shudder-inducing.

Squeaking and adorable baby animals:

Orphan porcupine with hiccups eating a banana:

Baby panda making pitifully adorable whining noises:

And considerably less cute but equally fascinating squishy animals:

Little octopus escaping from a little hole in a box:

600 pound octopus escaping from all manner of box and tube:


Bubs said...

Porcupines are cute, but have you ever heard them squalling at night in the woods? I was camping one time in an area with a lot of porcupines, and they made a horrible sound almost like babies crying, or yowling cats. Also, they'll nibble on car tires and rubber hose in car undercarriages if they've got road salt on them. The park rangers at Newport State park in Wisconsin actually warn visitors about them.

Awesomely cute videos, though!

Bella Rossa said...

I've never heard a porcupine at all, until this video. I'm sure a bunch of them squalling in the woods at night is a bit unnerving.

I was shocked that the panda noises were so human-like. At first I thought it was the person behind the camera making the whines and squeaks!

Donny B said...

OK, those octopi are cool. I never really thought about how they had no bones!

And I love that the tags for this post include both "awesome" AND "creepy but awesome." Indeed.

Bella Rossa said...

Donny B, seriously, there are other clips you can see online where these guys slide through one inch slits...it's awesome/terrifying.