November 20, 2007

Not Kidding Around Anymore

I don't know what's gotten into me all of the sudden -- fruitful conversations with new friends? Tackling terrifying new challenges and walking away unscathed (see theater-related posts here and here)? Inspired by the example of other brave friends? -- but I'm in this very "I can do anything and I'm going to go for what I want, and if the first try doesn't work, then next one will" mode.

So here I come, get out of my way.

I was banging my head all day yesterday...and last night...and this morning, teaching myself all the stuff I needed to know in order to produce the film of Prescott's Improv set. Lots of phone calls to Canon technical support. Lots of phone calls to Apple tech support. Lots of being caught in the Nerd's Bermuda Triangle of Radio Shack, Best Buy, and coffee places. Lots of trial and lots of errors, but I figured out everything I needed to know.

The final cut of Prescott's set is too long to post online at the moment but here's a sample clip I put together, because in the middle of all of this technical dickery I realized I could and should be doing this sort of thing for other people as well. Want a nicely shot and edited clip of yourself doing a killer set? I can probably help you out there.

And this clip is just the first try at this sort of thing. I'd never used the tripod before, and I know I'll get smoother with it, and get snappier with the editing, and learn to get better sound, and write better music, too.

I repeat: here I come, get out of my way.

(Oh, and check it: "Bella Rossa Productions.")


Nellie Ann said...

that's awesome!!! as soon as I need something filmed...YOU are my woman!!!!

Nellie Ann said...

That's AMAZING! AS soon as I need something captured on film...YOU'RE my woman!!

Bella Rossa said...

You just let me know. I'm your personal Scorsese.

Nellie Ann said...

Phew. Now I can get that Scorsese guy off of my back...he keeps calling.

nancy huggins said...

And nellie's Granny in AL (almost totally Blind) is waiting for her to be on TV....The South shall rise again on all T V's in AL (LOL)
Go for all you can Nellie and I will even loan you my big furry Lion slippers if you need them. Do something quick Elizabeth...before she falls asleep :)
Nellies MOM (aka Nancy)

Bella Rossa said...

Hi, Nellie's mom! Thanks for dropping by!

Well, we're not about to disappoint Nellie's Gran.

Let's get to it, Nellie!!

Nellie Ann said...

Great. No pressure. Looks like we're filming a one-woman vaudville act, Elizabeth.

Bella Rossa said...

Yeah, that's the ticket, Nellie. Got some seltzer and some cream pies?

Nellie Ann said...

Harpo Marx??? No. It's just Nellie.