December 2, 2007

The Off The Street Club Thanksgiving Dinner

Here's a two minute video I did for work. I guess this constitutes one of my first professional filmmaking projects.

The Off The Street Club Thanksgiving Dinner was on November 23, 2007. I let the kids run around with my camera and take footage and pictures, and then I put this together. The evening was as fun as it looks -- having dinner and hanging out with the kids. The Boy and Girl of the Year Awards were also given out that night, and each winner was adorable in their own way.

From the Club's website:

"The Off the Street Club is Chicago's oldest club for boys and girls, serving the children of the city's most dangerous neighborhood, the West Side. Since its inception in 1900, the Club has been supported mainly by the generous members of Chicago's advertising community. With no government funding, the Club relies on the willing spirits, able bodies, and inspiring generosity of people who know that it is a short trip from poverty to prosperity if children are reached at an early age."


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fun video Bella. Years ago, I used to consult with Flower High School near Garfield Park and the Conservatory. I wouldn't say that I know those neighborhoods well, but I spent a fair amount of time at Dunbar, Westinghouse, and Flower high schools on the west side.