January 29, 2008

Blog Praise For Friends

My friend Jenni Prokopy, who runs the delightful Chronic Babe, for "people who are living well in spite of illness," has won a 2007 Medical Weblog award!

Jenni also runs Orange Grove Media, writes for Gapers Block, and is the linchpin of a networking group for Chicago communications professionals, ideaXchange. I've only been able to attend one ideaXchange meeting in person so far, but the daily e-mail contact with folks in the group has been an invaluable resource for my professional development. Jenni manages to attract a vivacious, generous, bright bunch of folks to the group, and she does it all as a labor of love.

Go Jenni!


Geli Girl said...

How do you know her? I've been reading her chronic babe blog for a couple of months now...

Bella Rossa said...

A friend introduced me to ideaXchange, which she directs. She is really awesome.