February 6, 2008

Life List

Yes, Miss Science Nerd and Obsessive Fact Checker is going a little granola just for a minute. (Go ahead, Nellie, lemme have it.) I want to clarify my perspective and I did a few exercises that I thought might help me break things down. They did. A few realizations:

#1: I really do a lot of negative thinking and self-criticism.
#2: I can choose not to.
#3: When I spell out what I want to do with my life in concrete, clear terms, none of the things I want are outrageous or unattainable. Oh, and without planning it at all, I wrote exactly ten things. How tidy. Here they are:

I want to do good work I can be proud of.

I want to be self-sufficient, debt-free, and financially secure.

I want to live a life of peace and progress.

I want to be brave enough to fully engage with people and have more meaningful connections.

I want my talents and energy to benefit others as much as possible.

I want to forgive those who hurt me.

I want to trust people enough to let them see who I truly am.

I want the strength to be able to look others straight in the eye and be willing to see them for who they are.

I want to feel worthy of success, and confidently embrace new opportunities and experiences.

I want to be able to trust more, relax more, and be less of an obstacle to my own progress.


Nellie Ann said...

I'm not gonig to say anything persnickity or snarky (or any other made-up word)- that would be very un-granola of me now, wouldn't it???

I will, however, say that you are completely capable and deserving of ALL of those things. I will never stop telling you that, no matter how hard you try to make me.

Oh, and one more thing...welcome to the dark side!! Your membership card is in the mail and the spaceship will pick you up at 3!!!

Nellie Ann said...

p.s. I AM going to go totally granola for a second...just for you. If you change the word "want" to "will", you'll be half way there...

Dale said...

You're so wanty (it's the new needy). We're all our own worst enemies aren't we? I want all those things but I want the money up top.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Sometimes I just want granola.