February 13, 2008

More Media - Me on NBC!

The Chicago Magazine mention of Bella Rossa and the Bastion is kicking off other fun things. I've been asked to do some radio stuff and I'm going to be on NBC Chicago's morning program talking about Chicago comedy, and the Bastion, and maybe showing some video clips.

Being on television to shill for my hilarious friends? Awesome. Being downtown at NBC at 6:45 a.m.? A little worrisome. I'll have to make sure it's not a Wednesday morning, since Tuesday nights at ChUC can run a little late. And maybe I'll mainline some espresso on my way out the door in the morning. Oh, comedy, let me sleep. Just a little!


Nellie Ann said...

woot! for being on tv!! Imma email my resume over...if you could just distribute that, that'd be super. Thanks, sport.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Dumb girl: "If you hear about any shows or anything like that, and you could pass out my resume..."

Nancy Beckett: "I don't really do that."

Nellie Ann said...

man, I was hoping you'd pick up on that. this is why we're friends.