March 7, 2008

On Second Thought...

My flight to Cleveland was canceled due to weather, and they would not have been able to get me in until tomorrow afternoon, making it a 24 hour trip. No thanks, I'll take a refund.

Instead, I'm going to take advantage of the UHaul Nellie and Teresa booked for their move tomorrow and move a week early.

A week early? Yikes! Does anyone know where I can find some boxes?

P.S. Last time I put a UHaul picture in a blog post was three years ago. Man, if I think I'm jittery and unsettled now, thinking about what I was like then is a powerful reality check.


Chancelucky said...

Hope you're feeling better. You've been blogging for longer than three years? Wow....I hit my third anniversary in 2 months give or take.

Turd Furgeson said...

Screw that loser above me. I will call soon, clear your schedule and wait until I contact you. Sike!

<3 III