March 31, 2008

Writing, Writing, Writing. Typity, Typity, Type.

Three bits:

I just published a zippy little piece on Chicago Metblog: "Hot Chicks at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry." It's about my enduring love for the museum, as well as little fuzzy chick babies.

Yesterday I saw two manifestations of ideas I've kicked around for a long time and done nothing with. #1 - meals, made to impress the hoity-toity, made entirely of ingredients purchased at the Dollar Store. In the New York Times, no less. #2 - a photography project comparing the photos of packaged foods contrasted with the actual food, prepared as directed. I need to follow up on my weird ideas more often.

My hometown is being touted by CNN as a great place to live. This part made me happy: "Local residents fought a two-year legal battle to stop Wal-Mart from opening a local branch." That would have been ridiculous, because there's one about a mile outside of town, on 86th Street, and a Super Target even closer. And wow, the population is over 10,000 now? Woo, Zionsville, you're big stuff!


Carmi said...

I like your hometown now, too. Any 'burg that stands up to crass commercialism is cool in my book. I'll pretend to ignore the age-old trick of locating just outside the town line. That's a cheesy and oft-used trick by the Wal-Martians. Definitely nekulturny.

I apologize for falling behind. My bad: life's been crazy and scary the last little while. Much sickness in the extended family, much travelling, much worry. Which has left precious time to read my faves.

Which is why it's so cool to come back and find out about your media love. You HAVE to get your NBC hit online when it happens. I've been doing a lot of media work of late, too, and I'm struggling to keep up with posting it to my blog.

Truth be told, it ticks off my newfound blog troll immensely. Good.

QuietRebelWriter said...

Urgh, I hate when that happens. There's been several times when I find a published article centered on something I thought up first, dammit. But never got around to writing, or trying to write, or even thinking seriously about... Ah well. Lots of cool stuff happening in the BellaRossa world! Keep on rockin.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Hi, Carmi! Please, no need for a lengthy apology. You are a busy fellow with a family and a job that involved lots of travel. I hope your family members are doing okay and I'm glad you checked in! I admit I'm very proud of my hometown for recognizing the silliness of another superstore.

And QRW! How are you? Yeah, it bugs to see ideas I should have jumped on becoming someone else's project, but it's sort of reassuring at the same time: someone else thought it was a good idea, too!

Wow, two real writer friends checking in on the same post. That's pretty cool.

Jerell said...

A 3-D human genome model? I'm so there.

nora said...

Yippee Zionsville!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Yay indeed!!