May 27, 2008

We Get It, Chicago Weather

You're tempestuous. You're unpredictable, like a passionate, crazy lover. You're so hot and sunny that one day the fair-skinned among us are slathered in sunscreen, reclining in the shade, and still so hot we have to go inside for ice water and oscillating fan time, and the very next day, a morning bike ride involves stiff, frozen fingers, and chilly, cheek-reddening wind.

This morning's ten minute ride had me feeling personally thwarted by the might of nature, and two or three times I screamed, through chattering teeth, "I get it! You're the Windy City!" only to have my words compacted into the back of my throat without escape.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Now, a little moderation, aye? Sound good? Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Your Devoted Elizabeth


Amalie/Emma (take your pick) said...

And P.S. Chicago weather, I'm sending you my hospital bills when I get pneumonia after sleeping with the window open last night only to wake up shivering when the temperature dropped 40 degrees.

Nice to come across another Chicago blogger!

Elizabeth McQuern said...


And nice to meet you, Amalie/Emma.