June 3, 2008

Grassy Ass, Mis Gatos Queridos

I mentioned that Bryan bought some cat grass for my girls, in an attempt to win their affections. Very sweet. In the end, Calpurnia was indifferent (although Flora is still utterly enamored of Bryan, cat grass or no cat grass) and Nellie's cat Daisy went nuts for the tasty new treat.

But it may be a bit too fibrous.

As Melissa reported Sunday night, after I relocated the cat grass to my room, I found a turd in the middle of my bedroom floor. With little strands of grass sticking out of it.

This morning? Turd under the kitchen table.

Anyone want to come to dinner at my house? Didn't think so.

(Maybe I'm lucky. This dude once found a cat turd on his keyboard.)


Erica said...

We have a turdy cat. The Latte. The tiny. The turdy. She turds wherever her heart desires. Yikes.

Good thing she's cute.

Let's get dinner sometime soon! Or coffee!

Bryan Bowden said...

I hope that my treat to the cats has not caused them to forget how to use a liter box.

Melissa said...

So I'm no longer being blamed for the errant feces?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Erica - I have heard tales of Latte's tricks. I would love to hang out some time! Email me.

Bryan - I do not hold you to blame on this one. See my next comment.

Melissa - I still consider Nellie to be suspect #1.