September 14, 2008

CERN's Large Hadron Collider - Omigod We Destroyed Existence!

Oh, yeah, did anyone else notice that the nice folks at CERN didn't, in fact, destroy the fabric of time and space itself?

My friend Mike Schramm posted this on his Twitter/Facebook etc.: Nice, they finally hooked up the webcams at the new collider.

Then he offered a link that takes you here, where LHC geeks will get a nice laugh.

P.S. Geekery pays off - a New York Times reporter wants to talk to me for a story about non-scientists who are interested in the LHC. Lucky me, she found out that I am following CERN's Twitter updates.


Jerell said...

Check out the LCH launch party

Elizabeth McQuern said...

That is AWESOME, thanks for the link, Jerell!

Carmi said...

Go geeks! Congrats on the Times connection. Increasingly, journalists are leveraging social media tools to find sources. The old ways are starting to fall by the wayside, and for good reason.

Had to laugh about the fears surrounding the collider's launch. Luddites, all of 'em!

Chancelucky said...

How do we know that time and space didn't end? The even may not have caught up to us yet.