September 26, 2008

Kate McAlpine's LHC Rap

Kate McAlpine is a 23-year old girl from Michigan who is carving out a life for herself as a science writer, a career I wish I had known existed when I was in school. (Not that I could have pulled off a double major of creative writing and physics, like she did.) Anyway, she's interning at CERN, and made this AWESOME video explaning what the LHC does. It's received over three million hits on YouTube, and I love it! It's hilarious and cute and actually really explains what the LHC is all about in a way that dry science articles can't. Kate, you are a genius! For real.


Jerell said...

She makes Lil' Wayne look like Burt Bacharach.

How's that for an out-of-left-field music reference.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

That was brilliant, Jerell!

...I love the Stephen Hawking-like computerated voice doing the little rap punctuation vocals.

"Ah yeah, I'm about to drop some particle physics in the club!"