September 17, 2008

Mismatched Press Release of the Day

Since I shut down the Bastion I've been very happily putting PR people's urgent missives into my spam folder. It's one thing for Chicago improv groups to send me stuff, it's another thing for theater people, and national music people to bombard my inbox with lots of things I have no interest in. Here's the latest thing to find its way into my spam folder, and yes, there were lots of LARGE CAPITALIZED fonts involved:

Hey! Raphael Saadiq is bringing something different to today's music, and he is doing it right. If you haven't checked out his new sound, I suggest you do so. Here is everything you need to know about his new album, plus a few streams, to get an idea of what he is doing with his music. I listed some show dates at the bottom as well, enjoy. We also got some copies of his new album for contesting/giveaways! so let me know what you think!

Hey! Well, I think you should target your PR audience a little more closely. I've never been a music blogger. Also, people are probably going to figure out that 42-year old Raphael Saadiq used to be Raphael Wiggins, the lead singer of Tony! Toni! Toné!, and he's not, as his MySpace profile says, 28. I do kinda like his Motown throwback sound, actually, it's kinda nice, but seriously.


Mo said...

Wow! Raphael Saadiq? And he's "doing it right"? Sign me up.

Seriously though, don't. 'Cause I don't want that crap ending up in my inbox, too.

Dan Telfer said...

That's hilarious. Tony! Toni! Toné! sold out! I can't believe it.

I get a lot of emails from comedians who put me on their press list, presuming that if they bombard me with emails for their shows I will go out and see it and give them that Mr. Show moment afterwards... "Kid, you got the goods!" You probably get these too. They pull my email off the ChUC website and just treat me like I know who they are, sending out these text-only press releases that do a terrible job of selling their show but are obviously their first attempt at writing one.

I can't find it, but I got a great one from some hyper-sincere comedian who was going to sing the National Anthem before some hockey game up in Wisconsin, and he wanted people to check out his "stage status" while he did it to be considered for future "amateur nites". Poor dude.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Mo - good spam filters and a fast finger with the "mark as spam" are the keys to avoiding this sort of thing.

Well, and living in a tar paper shack without any technology.

Dan - I dunno, I still think we should consider booking Dat Phan. That dude's manager seems convinced he's a good fit for Chicago Underground Comedy (that is, until they find out what we pay).

nora said...

I'm beginning to appreciate the well written press release. I scored a press pass for the Austin City Limits Festival (woo hoo) and am getting a ton of mail.
I love the agents that have actually done research....recognize that I've written about thier client or someone in their group before...or tie the request in to when the band has/will play Indianapolis...or the plain old funny pleas - I can't wait!
....if only I knew where I was going to stay....