October 14, 2008

Andrew DeWitt! You Knew Him When...

Just finished making a promo DVD for Andrew. It features three clips, all shot and edited by me, and I'll be dropping it into the mail shortly so it can reach him in LA.

(I blocked out his contact info in the pic, and in the DVD menu every square has a moving video clip or a cool still in it.)

Without blabbing too much, Andrew is acquainted with someone who has created a few long-running sitcoms and they're interested in seeing his stand-up work.

I'm hoping he'll get cast on something. He is incredibly talented, marketable, and a blast to be around. You can't help but be 110% more enthusiastic about things when he's part of them.

Just for fun, here's one of my favorite early Andrew clips, in which he tells the humbling tale of being the fat kid in gym class who somehow ran an 18 minute mile:


Mo said...

Rock on! Awesome job on the spiffy DVD menu, Auntie E :-D

Dan Telfer said...

That guy rules.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks, Mo! It's amazing what you can do with consumer-grade software these days.

And right on, Dan. I heart Andrew big time.