January 8, 2009

Elizabeth McQuern Photography Demo Reel

38 seconds of some of my favorite recent performance and promo photography for Chicago actors, musicians and comedians.

Featuring Tamale Sepp, Jeff Hansen, Eve Porcello, Chad Briggs, James Fritz , Becky Eldridge, Paul Sigwerth, Ricky Carmona, Prescott Tolk, Dan Telfer, Seth Williams, Cameron Esposito, Alan Metoskie, Peter Kremidas, Adam Burke, Jim Fath, Seth Dodson, James Asmus, Keith Ecker, Duane Freeman, Mike Ferbrache, Leigh Vandiver, Michael Stanley, Bill Cruz, Puterbaugh Sisterz, Michael Lebovitz, Brendan McGowan, Andrew Rollins DeWitt, Liz Bell, Bryan Bowden, Allison Leber, Teresa Lemaire, Nellie Huggins, and Ken Barnard.


Unknown said...

And Nicky Mouse.

Nice job!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Oh yeah, and you, Ken! I forgot your name because I got the list of names from Facebook, as I individually tagged everyone in the video. And guess who doesn't have a Facebook? You!