January 5, 2009

Lincoln Lanes Pin Resetter

The pin setter upper
Originally uploaded by bryan champ
...or whatever it's called. Bryan proves once again that we share the same brain. In the midst of New Year's celebrating, and preparing to perform in a comedy show, he stood quietly in the space behind the bowling lanes, taking a bit of video of the cool, mesmerizing pin re-setting machines.


Unknown said...

I think I labeled it properly when I called it a "pin setter upper".

Erica said...

I love that Bryan took that video! We were told to not hang out by "The Machine," but when I snuck back there, I felt like I was in a movie where the regular kid gets transported into the mystical dreamland and is awestruck by the beauty of it all. That was me.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I think it's super cool. Next time I'm there I'm going to sneak back for my own peek at the magical machine.

Katie said...

That's oddly fascinating. I could watch it for hours.