May 30, 2005

Even Spammers Take a Day Off

This morning, for the first time in recent memory, my e-mail box was empty - no legit e-mails, and, more notably, no spam whatsoever. Usually there are at least one or two junkers that have popped up overnight, but not this time.

It might be random, but it made me wonder if it had anything to do with the holiday weekend. Maybe spammers around the country are chilling out in the backyard, roasting weenies, sprinkling paprika on the potato salad, and giving the "HOT PRON NOW !!!1!!1!!" e-mails a break.

(Trying to find hard data on which days of the year account for the highest and lowest volumes of spam, and some explanation thereof, but...nothing helpful. If you google even what seem like specific key phrases related to this phenomenon, you get an avalanche of useless links.)

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