May 30, 2005

I'm King of the Blogiverse! Royal Bloggers Hit the Keyboards.

Former King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia has been building buzz online for three years with his colorful blog, which touches on a wide range of subjects.

Today at 82, he is Cambodia's lion in winter, cancer-stricken and undergoing treatment in China, his former place of exile where he still has a home. Yet he's as sharp-tongued and loquacious as ever. The man who grew up on cowboy movies has taken to the world wide web with equal gusto.

However charming and open he may be in the blogosphere, however, let us not forget that he backed the bloody Khmer Rouge until they turned on him, is blamed by some for much of what has gone wrong with his people, and has irritated the current Prime Minister by making bitter criticisms of Cambodian society.

If only some of the young, stylish, hip, and non-tainted royals would keep blogs. One of those cute-ish Spanish princes, or a Danish princess, or the frequently cute Zara Phillips. But not Prince Charles, because, really, who cares what he thinks about anything?

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