July 20, 2005

Suzanne Somers Is Unhappy With Reviews of Her Show

Let's hope she doesn't read my blog. Wait a minute. Of course she doesn't, no one does.

"These men are curmudgeons, and maybe I went too close to the bone for them. I was lying there naked, and they decided to kick me and step on me, just like these visions you see in Iraq," says Suzanne Somers of her treatment at the hands of New York's drama critics.

It may be the height of celebrity hubris to compare your bad reviews to Abu Ghraib, but Somers — an exaggerated entertainment personality if ever there was one — is not backing down.

She says she's "pissed" that the critics savaged her one-woman show, "The Blonde in the Thunderbird," and "saddened" that, because of their terrible notices, she's being forced to close it on Sunday.

Charles Isherwood, in the New York Times, called her show a "swan dive into narcissism."

(Somers says she'd like to tell Isherwood "to go to hell, and I don't care if he knows it.")

Clive Barnes, in The Post, said "Thunderbird" was "smug and remorseless."

And Michael Kuchwara of The Associated Press said it was a "therapy session crossed with a tacky Las Vegas review."

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