December 10, 2005

Unexpected Cool New Things

On the travel front, I recently got news that my flying privileges will soon be reinstated with my dad's airline, entitling me to gratis domestic flights until I turn 35, and greatly reduced international flights. (This unexpected change applies only to unmarried children under the age of 35 - meaning I'm the only one of my siblings eligible for this perk. Take that, married older siblings! You, with your homes, and cars, and financial and emotional security!)

In conjunction with this, there's the exciting news that family members have recently a planted flag in Florida, and some are considering doing so in New York City (not to mention siblings and cousins scattered all over the US, and random friends and family in Europe - i.e. "free lodging").

My new job entitles me to 40% off day spa services at a place two blocks away. Goodbye, elephant butt elbows.

Also, I just received a Star Trek: Voyager DVD from Netflix, and it has a special text trivia version of a show that features the crew discovering a cryogenically frozen (and promptly re-animated) Amelia Earhart.

Sometimes it's the little things.

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