January 8, 2006

Car Doors Disappear In Strange N.Y. Thefts

Obviously, the explanation for this story is commerce. Some thuggy entrepreneur decided that ripping the doors off of cars and reselling them for profit was a nice way to fatten the pocketbook.

But for some reason, the phrasing of the title of the article reminded me of that whole "exploding toad" phenomenon in Germany. But I'm pretty sure there are no liver-pecking birds involved in this whole thing.
The "Whole of the Door Gang" is swooping down on Toyotas across Queens, stunning car owners who find their vehicles with huge gaps where the back doors used to be. Police have investigated at least six cases of stolen doors in the past three months in the 109th Precinct, which mostly covers Flushing.

The expensive doors, which can cost up to $5,000 to replace, are nearly impossible to find at salvage yards, creating what some fear may be an emerging black market.
(Source: WaPo, MSNBC)

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