February 24, 2006

Project Alcoholic Greenlight

Watched the first disk of the first season of "Project Greenlight," which is interesting for many reasons, one of which is that Ben Affleck appears to be drunk or hungover in most of his scenes. Functioning, and getting by, but bleary-eyed and slurring, with a bit of the fratty, bear-hugging impulse slipping out here and there.

And yeah, I chose the most unflattering picture of him that I could find to accentuate my point. I'm sure he's cleaned up his act now (five years later), since he's a family man, but, wow, what a drunky drunko. Watching him drunkenly flirt with Miramax top dog Meryl Poster in an attempt to get her to let her guard down during a long and stressful production meeting is pretty funny. Tipsy biology majors can deliver a line with more finesse and complexity that he did in that instance.

In related news, who has heard anything from the project "winner," Pete Jones, in the last few years? Poor guy. He probably thought his future was cemented the minute he won the contest. I wonder if he's back here in Chicago now. Hope he doesn't read my blog.

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Gigli said...

Look BA's a buddy a mine...I can tell you straight up he was going through a rough patch back then...