February 24, 2006

This Post Is a Total Waste of Your Time

Bella meets the Big O.

Overstock.com, that is.

Their latest Bella Rossa-related offering: a fug fake "Tiffany style" accent lamp. (What's the difference between a regular lamp and an accent lamp, anyway? Does this lamp speak with a bad French accent? A Rosanna Arquette bad French accent?)

This is not a paid ad, incidentally. It's just me being lazy and indulgent with the self-referential googling. I was hoping to find links to interesting discussions people were having about my blog, but of course no such things exist.

I'm certainly not talking about the lamp because it's fetch, only because it happens to bear my name.

Heck, if I had a spare $44.99 (plus shipping and handling) sitting around, I would be heading to the mall for some new jeans and a hot pretzel or something.

Wait...omigod...this lamp operates on a line switch! And the 60-watt bulb is not included! And the sell out risk is ranked as HIGH! Where's my debit card?!

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