March 4, 2006

21-Year Old Nabs Production Deal With "MySpace Movie"

Unbelievable. I love all the 'net humor and the fact that actual kids wrote this, instead of large business entities trying to write what they think teenagers talk like. It's also such a good example of the new and different ways that media is being produced, distributed, and consumed, sometimes virally.

And again, I want to learn how to edit video. DIY, man.
Amateur filmmaker David Lehre first screened his short film "MySpace: The Movie" about a month ago at his 21st birthday party.

Since then, the spoof of the popular networking site has been viewed more than 6 million times through various online sites and has prompted a development deal offer from MTVU, contact from Hollywood managers and a complimentary e-mail from MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson.

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