April 13, 2006

Cute Things Children Have Said To Me

To offset my recent whinge about obnoxious men, a tally of cute things children have said to me recently.

Children(From a neighbor's 12 year old boy): "You remind me of a child, somehow."
This was in the middle of me being funny with him about our lunch
options. The comment was sweet, and vague enough that I've tried to figure
out exactly what he meant by that. Hopefully he meant "You are fun and
silly and imaginative," and not "You eat snot and have girl cooties." Also that night he said "I like your laugh. It makes things seem funnier." (Wow...is that the key to successful comedy? Laughing at my own jokes?)

Also, a
few years ago, from a boy I babysat for for years, to another child who had just been introduced to me: "That's Bella. She likes kids." Aww!

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