June 23, 2006

Strangers With Candy Hits the Big Screen

My love for Amy Sedaris is well-documented. Now comes the release of the "Strangers with Candy" movie, which is a prequel to the series.

Here's the trailer (oh, look, there's David Pasquesi at the end!):

A few days ago Amy was the guest on NPR's Fresh Air - go have a listen. Also recently, my new pal at the Apiary covered the NYC opening of the movie (my new pal? Oh...perhaps I've said too much).

Oh, and did you know that when investors started pulling out of the "Strangers with Candy" movie, fellow Hoosier David Letterman stepped in with some of that nice Late Night/Worldwide Pants money? This doesn't surprise me a bit, because every time she pops up on his show, he clearly enjoys her unique charm. Check out these clips of Amy with Dave in 2001, 2005, and 2006. (In the first clip, when he compliments her on her frilly, femmie dress, she says "It looks better on the floor, Dave!")

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