July 10, 2006

The Bastion Is Born!

We've been hinting all around it for weeks now, and finally we've put our HTML where our mouth is.

K-Rock (mastermind of the SpitFire coalition and author of Five Drink Minimum) and I, with the benevolent guidance of Nate, the creator and editor of New York City's The Apiary, have launched The Apiary's Chicago satellite site, The Bastion. Check it out, yo!

(And aw...Nate, "Mr. Apiary" described K and me as "enormously pleasant." "Enormously pleasant" is the new "foxy genius," in case you didn't know.)

We've already put up a great interview with Chicago comedy whirlwind TJ Miller, a young man who probably functions on two hours of sleep per night, and a little enticing tidbit about the origins of Amy Sedaris' Jerri Blank character.

To quote our introductory post:

"And you thought the gyros at St. Andrew's Greek Festival were the hottest things going in Chicago this week.

Yes, kids, New York City's The Apiary had a baby in Chicago, and it's called the Bastion.

The Bastion will explore and promote the underground comedy scene in
Chicago with listings, reviews, photos, and video clips, as well as
interviews with notable and interesting comedy figures on the scene.

It's your source for comedy info in the Windy City. Standup, improv,
sketch, and more. Got a tip? Want to suggest a link? Give us a shout.
We're here for you

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