July 22, 2006

Blog Time is Good Time

Analog_magazineDon't ever let anyone tell you that blogging is a waste of time. Okay, maybe if you're spending your time chronicling the contents and condition of your treasured library of every issue of Analog (not that my kitchen cabinets are stuffed with anything like that), or posting endless observations about the ideal ratio of milk-to-cornflakes in your morning cereal bowl, you might be indulging in a mostly pointless habit.

But through my online explorations of "stuff I like," I got hooked up with this Bastion business I keep blathering about. In less than two weeks, I've met tons of cool people, seen a bunch of great comedy, and opened up all kinds of avenues for my creative life and my personal life. It's been really, really fantastic.

And it all started with a humble, i.e. crappy, blog I started back in a little schoolhouse apartment in Cowfart, Indiana. (Ew...really crappy...look at that stupid film effect I used to put on graphics.)

Wow. The new issue of Analog just arrived! Gotta go.

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