July 21, 2006

Recent Google Searches That Led Here

My ongoing "Interviews With Bloggers" project reminds me again and again that many of us who keep an eye on (okay, obsess over) our referral logs are often perplexed and amused by random, seemingly unrelated Google searches that lead poor, misdirected readers to our blogs.

Of course I keep getting tons of hits from people looking for She Who Will Go Unnamed.

Adrien_brodyI've also gotten multiple visitors looking for "urban gymnastics," "cats that look like Hitler," and "the world's scariest, ugliest animals."

Also, I've had some one-offs looking for, appropriately, "random stuff to look at online," "nordic-looking Cubans" (?!), and someone who apparently agrees with me that David Pasquesi bears more than a passing resemblance to Adrien Brody.

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