July 20, 2006

Camille Paglia Has Been Crazy Since At Least 1993

If you ever wondered whether Camille Paglia was
really the aggressive hydra-headed nutto some say she is, or just a misunderstood tormented genius, just witness this series of angry faxes that flew between her and author Julie Burchill in 1993.

(Just think how much time they could have saved if they'd only waited a few years and done this via internet. They could have burned themselves out with rage-fueled IM's in just an hour or so.)

Selected highlights:

"Julie Burchill,

I have recieved your extraordinarily clumsy and ill written letter. You
and your coterie seem to have the mental age of undergraduates, with
whom I am certainly used to dealing. What emply bluster and tired
cliches! If you were once witty, I'm afraid you're in a bit of a

(Oops...Camille...you spelled "received" incorrectly. And there should probably be a hyphen in the phrase "ill-written.")

"24 Mar 93

Dear Professor Paglia,

F*ck off you crazy old dyke.


Julie Burchill"

(And Julie, perhaps a comma would have been nice after the "f*ck off," but otherwise,well done!)

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