September 5, 2006

Calpurnia Then and Now

(If I didn't write about my cats every once in awhile, I wouldn't be a good blogger, now would I?)

I enjoyed a nice day out of town this holiday weekend (which I urgently, desperately needed), and one nice surprise was pulling the memory card out of my camera while at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and realizing there were photos in the camera's regular memory that I had lost some months back when my laptop crashed.

They were, of course, Very Important Kitty Pictures. Baby pictures of Calpurnia, to be exact. Pictures of her at roughly three weeks old, when my old neighbor back in Indiana found her in a tree with a few motherless siblings.

Calpurnia_confused_to_be_alive In the first one, behold the teacup-tiny cuteness, the giant eyes and ears, and witness the bewildered expression on her face, in which she looks, as a friend put it, "confused to be alive."

She looks all "What? I'm a kitten? I'm alive? Where's my mommy? My mommy is gone? You're my new mommy? Well, okay...I guess. Wait, what am I again? I'm a 'kitten?' Okay."

Calpurnia_as_a_baby_october_2004Calpurnia_october_2006 Then, in the next two, observe her evolution from a few measly ounces of blue-eyed fuzzwonderment to several pounds of long, lean, golden-eyed fierceness. I really can't believe how tiny and helpless she was.

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