September 4, 2006

Living Dolls - Requiem For the Self-Esteem of Swan Brooner

My bud at FourFour* put up links to the entire Living Dolls child beauty pageant documentary that aired on HBO several years back. I'm going to post some of the best/worst ten minutes right here, for your amused horror.

Skip ahead to minute three on this clip, and witness Mr. Shane and Mr. Michael, who live in big fat mansion in Alabama, making money off of ridiculous white trash mothers who shell out huge dollars for hair extensions on babies, and appliances to cover up missing teeth, and whorey makeup on six year olds.

Here's a clip of them training their own daughter, and training a little boy whose mother is weighing the pros and cons of spending money on growth hormones or pageant competition. You just have to see it to believe it.

And then there's Swan's trip to Mr. Shane and Mr. Michael's, where she goes through beauty pageant boot camp. The tacky house. The man singing "He's Still Working on Me." The fake affection the men show little Swan, probably only because her mommy is paying big (HBO-funded?) dollars to get extra training from them. It's unbelievable.

(*Four Four is now blogging for Celebreality. See? Another example of fun blogging leading to a "real" blogging gig. I love it! Congrats, Four Four!)

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