September 29, 2006

I Saw Your Nanny

Yikes! As a former nanny myself, I find this to be a fascinating blog. "I Saw Your Nanny."

"We will be posting your reports of nanny sightings on this blog. So often mothers and other nannies have commented that they wished they had an avenue to contact the parent of a child they saw being mistreated by the nanny. We want to be that resource."

They share both "bad nanny" and "good nanny" stories.

The bad:
"I saw a young Jamaican nanny...interacting in a disturbing way with the child in her care. The child was about 18 mos old, white, towheaded, dressed in unisex clothing. The child was reaching out and trying to communicate something to the nanny and the nanny was looking at the child, without smiling or good humor, and saying "Whooooooooo caaaaaaaaares..." several times in response to the child's attempts to communicate. Also almost no eye contact with the child while handing child food."

The good:
"She is African American, middle age, her charge is a male Caucasian toddler of around 3-4 yrs old. Usually they are both just standing around or probably waiting for someone, but there is absolutely no denying or second guessing just how happy or well adjusted this little boy is, and how comfortable he is to be with her. Her caring and patience shines through each and every time I happen to see them out there."

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