February 8, 2007

Columbia Journalism Review, Olympics, Opera, Dirty Snow Expressions

Columbia Journalism Review's website has quoted this very blog on the Lisa Nowak astronaut love triangle story. Wow! Maybe that three-week hiatus did me some good, after all.

My brother A. is doing some cool work related to Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics. I'm very proud of him and can't wait until I can share more details on that.

A friend has been named choral director of the Lyric Opera here in Chicago. Congrats to him.

In other news, it's still really cold outside. Negative two, as of a few minutes ago. On days like this in my former home in suburban Indiana, little kids made snowmen adorned with twinkly little charcoal eyes and brightly colored scarves. Here in Chicago, they use their mittens to etch genitalia into the thickly layered snow on parked cars. Ah...city life.

1 comment:

Chancelucky said...

Wow, way cool to get quoted in CJR. It happens sometimes when you make a great point and say it just right.

Might happen to me one of these days if I ever could manage the latter two things.