February 7, 2007

It's A Weird Week For Headlines

Ground control to major nut: "Astronaut charged with attempted murder." That's an entirely new headline, huh? Interesting how the morning news programs are covering it from an angle of "if an astronaut could wig out and drive hundreds of miles in an adult diaper to confront a romantic rival, could any of us?" Just remember, no matter what kind of bad day you're having, at least you're not Julie Chen, asking some bleached blonde pop psychologist a question like that on national television.

Adults are just as vulnerable as teenagers to looks-based anxiety and self-esteem issues. Can we get a collective "duh" on this one?

Why didn't Prince get electrocuted as he sang Purple Rain in the Superbowl rain last Sunday?

Frankie Lane, who sang the theme song for Blazing Saddles (one of my favorite movies) has died. Let's crack open a can of campfire beans and sing a bit of the chorus, just once, in his memory.

He rode a blazing saddle
He wore a shining star
His job to offer battle
To bad men near and far


Chancelucky said...

good to see you back. Does it seem a bit odd to you that this astronaut lady likely had a very high security clearance?

Bella Rossa said...

Thanks, Chance. Good to be back.

Yeah, it's curious, because the psych evaluations are supposed to be pretty thorough at NASA. She must be experiencing some powerful emotional instability.

MrBaliHai said...

"Why didn't Prince get electrocuted...in the Superbowl rain...?"

Interesting, but what I really want to know is why the NFL picked an androgynous, midget, Jehovah's Witness wearing a do-rag to provide the half-time entertainment.