March 14, 2007

Alert the Media! More Dumb Comedy!

New City Chicago has published a little article about my eBay stage fright auction.

Current in Carmel is going to feature a bit about it, as well.

Sloan finished editing our first film project (posted below), which was actually shot in October. It's an eight minute comedy film called "Edgewise," in which I play the an annoying, non-stop chatterbox of a roommate who eventually earns the most permanent kind of eviction from Sloan, who just can't take it anymore. (And also almost have my nose smashed to bits in an outtake.)

As a disclaimer, I'd like to mention that I am a writer first, and an actor...only when there aren't any real actors around. The moment you see me on camera in the first scene is literally the first acting I have ever done in my life, evidenced by the nervous, self-conscious smirk I was trying very hard to control, as well as a dumb, cow-like tendency to look directly at the camera. I have much to learn, should I choose to continue on this path of public foolishness.

And, finally, on a proud auntie note, Sloan is making amazing strides with her editing skills. Look at all the schmancy stuff she did with timing the titles to the music. God, this stuff is fun.