March 13, 2007

A Tight Five Is A Slippery Thing

I'm writing (and rewriting) my five minutes for the stand-up open mic.

If you zoom in on the picture, you can see that I'm using my breakfast's banana peel as a worry absorber.

If anxiety can be transfigured into ink and then released through writing on a banana, than I'm all set.

(Superstition? Magical thinking? Who, me?)


Collin said...

Derek has been bothering me for ages to go with him and fellow blogger Pat Angello to a (somewhat) local open mic night called "Freak Train". He swears they won't rush the stage and kill me, despite what I expect. And I've finally agreed to go on the 26th. It's also a 5 minute deal. Wheee. I guess I'd better pick up some bananas.

Bella Rossa said...

No way! That is so great. You might go up before I do! Are you going to tape it?

Collin said...

"No way!" is what I said to him when he said I'd have to perform. He's insistent though. His idea is we will do a skit so that I don't have to be alone. Unfortunately, the skit he has in mind is based off of a fake commercial that I did with him a couple years ago, and I hated it then.

Someone might be there to tape it. Derek's last couple trips were filmed.

It's entirely possible that I'll pass out, fall off the stage and the video will turn me into an internet star like the numa-numa guy, at least until Viacom sues YouTube into oblivion.