May 21, 2007

Shout Out!

The Depths of Humor, a big cover article about the Chicago stand-up scene, published last week in NewCity Chicago, says "One of the reasons for Chicago stand-up's re-emergence in the past year is a local blog called The Bastion, started in July of 2006, that covers all comedy in Chicago, including stand-up." I will now take a bow and thank you all very much. I love it when print media shares the cool table with us, if only for one lunch period. Now back to the A/V lab with me.

I have family in town and a million things going on, so to round out this post, here's an amusing video. "Terry Tate, Office Linebacker." Call it unconventional management, but it's one way to keep cubicle-dwellers on their toes. You've got to do something to spur productivity. If you'd like to learn more about Terry Tate's best practices, check out his adventures in sensitivity training.

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