June 9, 2007

Better Days To Come

This is a sad weekend. With one phone call from my mom last night, a total of three (unrelated) family friends have passed away this past week back in my hometown in Indiana. I'll probably be packing a bag Monday to head home for services.

One was my father's best friend of about 35 years, a warm and big-hearted man with a constant and unforgettable laugh. One was a guy my age, who I grew up with on the swim team, himself a father of four. One was a friend's two year old baby who had been ill since her first birthday. I can't think of any way right now to put any of this in perspective. I'm only glad that today is sunny and beautiful and I have social outdoor things to keep me busy.

An offering of beauty - 500 years of the women of Western art:


Atul said...

Wow, that's rough. I'm sorry to hear about the deaths and hope youre managing OK. Keeping busy is a good way to go.

Bella Rossa said...

Thanks, Atul.

Dale said...

I think I commented before but maybe not. A) Sorry about all the rough stuff and B) I'm stealing this YouTube thing from you, it's beautiful.