August 29, 2007

Batman Blows Up Chicago, Casts Evil Spell on Chicago's Children

Batman (or some bad guy...who's the bad guy in "Dark Knight?") blew some stuff up today in my fair city.

Yes, they've been filming the new Batman movie here in Chicago for several months. Lots of my nerd friends were e-mailing each other about the impending explosion of an old Brach's candy factory downtown today.

"Dude, take a long lunch. It's Wednesday, anyway, so we have to get to the Vault for the latest issue of Wildstorm's Stormwatch: PostHuman Division. Come on!"

The Tribune was there. "Streams of gold fireworks shot out one window of the structure. Windows were blown out, and then more fireworks came from another part of the building. A ball of fire, a wave of heat, a cloud of smoke and the structure started coming down."

But here's my favorite part:

"I loved it," 7-year-old William Smith said as the smoke started to clear. "One day I'm gonna blow up my own house."

I love you, crazy big city livin'.


Chancelucky said...

Wow, that sort of scared me for an instant. I thought that Batman worked out of Gotham. Did he get transferred to Chicago?

I know that Katie HOlmes dumped him for Tom Cruise so maybe he had to get away for a while.

The last bat I heard about in Chicago had cork in it and belonged to Sammy Sosa.

Bella Rossa said...

The words "Gotham General Hospital" were emblazoned across the building, which apparently has existed within the city limits of Chicago for much longer than anyone realized.

Learn something new every day!

Timothy Carter said...

The bad guy in The Dark Knight would be the Joker, played by Heath Leger. I love the William Smith comment!

I remember being excited when I heard they were going to shoot some scenes for Batman & Robin in Ottawa, where I was living at the time. Then I saw the movie, and realized Ottawa missed a big neon bullet.

Dale said...

I've been enjoying periodic updates on Chicago doubling for Gotham at I, Splotchy but we sort of need Batman here. Yesterday, one of our major highways was shut down while police escorted explosive devices found belonging to a local letter bomber for detonation.