August 28, 2007

Three Guinea Pigs Eating a Cucumber

The last 13 seconds of this video are BLISS.

I'll bet if you did a brain scan on someone as they watched this video, it would show that watching a red, white, and black guinea pig jockeying for position around a giant vegetable has the same positive effect on the brain as meditating. Or eating cupcakes. Or eating cupcakes while meditating.

Watching this reminds me of the dinnertable dynamics at play in my family growing up. Seven people fighting over ten dinner rolls can make something of a blood sport of the evening meal. As the youngest kid in this scenario, is it any wonder that I identify with the little white guinea pig? They don't even let him have a bite until halfway through, when he has to grab the whole cucumber and run off with it. Poor little Elizabeth -- I mean, white hamster!

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