September 22, 2007

Chicago's Olympic Dreams

There was a big ceremony and unveiling this week involving Chicago's redesigned Olympic logo. My brother, who has provided creative direction for several special events on behalf of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid, sent me an e-mail saying "Shhh...come to an event on Wednesday...but I can't tell you any details." As it happens, I was taping my bit for Chicago Public Radio at that time and I couldn't make it. As some of you may know, they needed to redesign from the original logo, which (oopsie!) used an Olympic torch, apparently a big no-no.

From a press release Andrew forwarded to me: "We wanted to keep the soaring colors we had established previously. The reds, oranges and yellows rise like our skyline toward the sun. The greens, emeralds and blues reflect our parks and lakes. This logo speaks of our past, but also looks to the future. We envisioned it as a symbol that would help us tell the story of our city, while being inspired by the Olympic Ideals."

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