September 21, 2007

Me on "Hello Beautiful"

My bit on Chicago Public Radio is up! Here's the link to the edited six minute version that features just my segment.

Here is the link to the longer segment on the WBEZ site, where the full program can be heard.

As I mentioned before, this is a zippy little interview all about the beginning of my stand-up adventure, starting with the eBay auction of my stage fright and my first open mic.


AHP said...

Hello Beautiful,

Auctioning your stage fright was a great example of Buzz Marketing. Of course you skills got you where you are though. I heard the clip and you sounded like an experienced interviewee, not nervous at all.

Bella Rossa said...

Hey, thanks, man! Honestly, my main goal with the stage fright auction was simply to get my fraidy-ass on stage for the first time. I thought if I could get one under my belt, and realized it wouldn't kill me, then I could go on and do more. I had signed up for a few open mics and backed out at the last second, and I figured this way, backing out again, when there was a contract involved, would constitute fraud, and I wasn't up for jail time. Thanks for your compliments on my interview. And thanks for listening!