September 28, 2007

Extra! Extra! (See? There's a Pun There.)

K-Rock e-mailed me last night as I was wrapping up work: "I'm going to be right near your hood in about an hour, can you meet me?" Who needs more information than that? When K-Rock tells you to be somewhere, you go.

I said "Sure!" and left the house all scrubby after a day of solitary writing, with no makeup and a greasy sunscreen face. Before I knew it I was having a great dinner at Alice and Friends, and slapping on some emergency makeup so I could get dragged into a short comedy film Paul Thomas was shooting at a funeral home right near my house.

It was a demanding role. I had to both walk, sit, pretend to be sad, and flip off a casket. The final product will accompany things like "Being Civil," Paul's reality series set in the post-war years. The below clip features the always awesome Allison Bills (Second City goddess who did the "Chocolate Covered Cherries" video with TJ Miller), and a shirtless, hatchet-wielding Brady Novak.

After ChUC Tuesday night I also got pulled into a shoot Jim Fath and James Asmus were doing for PhatPhree. If things go well, you'll see me as "disgruntled comedy audience member #6." Jim and James are in "Hey You Millionaires," who kicked ass at ChUC week before last, and do stuff like this:

Cute Puppy Feeds Self from Fridge

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