October 29, 2007

Halloween Post #3

However many bajillions of dollars my loving parents may have sunk into my pristinely Catholic, classics (and classical)-laden education, this video still reminds me more of The Simpsons more than classic American literature. Eh. Whatever. Poe still rocks.

Quoth the raven:


hud_callahan said...

Aw, kick ass! I just read this poem to my 8th graders today. We're doing "Tell-Tale Heart" tomorrow. And (if they are good) we are watching Night of the Living Dead on Halloween.

Bella Rossa said...

Kick ass! You're an awesome teacher. I hope your kids are good, because they should see some Night of the Living Dead.

Bubs said...


I used to read Poe to my daughters, and they loved it. My girls, when they were little, loved to hear The Raven, and especially the Tell-Tale Heart. This reminded me of that. And of course, Vincent Price is a class act. I have his autograph floating around here someplace, a gift from my dad.

Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.

Bella Rossa said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Bubs!